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Scott Adams longshotgm at comcast.net
Tue Nov 10 23:09:47 CET 2015

    I have not had time to play in the Lower World.  So my question
    does the LW have a moon?  How do you guys envision the LW?
    I have my own theory but wanted to hear.  The reason is the
    below critter.  Needs teh moon.  So would the y be encounterd
    in the LW?

    BTW on the Fusin I found the issue.  At top I do have it listed
    as Kotothi but in the actual entry Law for some reason.  Must've
    been a cut/paste error.  I originally copied my file from the
    one word document from Richard so probably the democrats goofed
    as I nevre goof.  :)

    Lunafey (Half/Quarter)         Alignment: Neutral
      AHP  6      OCV  1      DCV  5     NWI +3
      S    4(-1)  St   8      D   20(+1) A   33(+2)
      MR  10      NAV  0      MDV  6     NF  1D6
      EnL 48      CDF  1      CL   1     MEL 4
      DTV -1      HC  10      INT  6
      C   12      PR   0      SIZE 1
      SS  Nocturnal Omnivore
      [Kalinda, Hecate]

      Appearance - Lunafey appear to be pale, thin, wingless faerry. All
      are tied to the moon and native to it. Their power fluctuates with
      the phases of the moon.

      Special - Lunafey receive the energy they need to live from the
      radiance of the moon. They suffer when they are not on the moon or
      exposed to its light. Per night where this is the case, they lose
      1D10 energy. When energy is zero or less they fade.
         All Lunafey have one innate Neutral power. Their MEL is 4. Their
      EL varies with the phase of the moon. During the dark of the moon
      the power is not usable. At half or quarter moon it is 2. With a
      full moon, or on the moon, it is 4.

    Lunafey (Dark)                 Alignment: Neutral
      AHP  3      OCV  0      DCV  2     NWI +6
      S    2(-1)  St   4(-1)  D   10     A   17(+1)
      MR   5      NAV  0      MDV  3     NF  1D6
      EnL 42      CDF  1      CL   1
      DTV +1*     HC  10      INT  6
      C    6      PR   0      SIZE 1
      SS  Nocturnal Omnivore
      [Kalinda, Hecate]

      * = Valid +1 DTV.  Due to dependence on Moon.

    Lunafey (Full)                 Alignment: Neutral
      AHP 12      OCV  4      DCV  8     NWI +3
      S    8      St  16(+1)  D   40(+2) A   66(+3)
      MR  15      NAV  0      MDV 12     NF  1D6
      EnL 60      CDF  1      CL   1
      DTV -3      HC  20      INT  6
      C   24(+1)  PR   4      SIZE 2
      SS  Nocturnal Omnivore
      [Kalinda, Hecate]

         Lunafey do not require food and drink but they enjoy its taste.
      For the purpose of play they are considered to be omnivores. They
      favor foods with a unique taste or texture. Providing such viands
      can earn their friendship.

      Note: Norm MEL 4, Dark MEL 2, Full is MEL 6.

Sad....30 years and never been to LW...I gotta fix that..

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