[PnP] Fusin

Scott Adams longshotgm at comcast.net
Tue Nov 10 00:27:46 CET 2015

   I think I found a mistake in the v2 monster file.  I guess
   I missed this when me and Richard worked on it.  This
   creature is Law aligned but the patron god is Kototh?
   Shouldn't it be Kotothi then?
   Am I missing something ot indicate they are Law aligned?

    Fusin                           Alignment - Law
      AHP 15      OCV  4     DCV  8     NWI  +2(-5)*
      S  16(+2)   St  14     D   20(+1) A  65(+3)
      MR  13      NAV  2     MDV  5     NF 1-6 1
      EnL 66      CDF  5     CL  NA        7-9 1D3
      DTV -2      HC  22%    INT  6         10 2D10**
      C   30(+1)  PR   3     SIZE 3(0)*
      SS Nocturnal Omnivore
      [Kototh, Fusinian]

       * Parenthized NWI and Size applies in spider form.

      ** A lair.  One of those present is the ruler.  He or she may cast
         Elder Magic at MEL6/EL3.  The magical power and poison BL listed
         in Special below do not double.

    Fusin Ruler                     Alignment - Law
      AHP 30      OCV  9     DCV 13     NWI  +2(-8)*
      S  32(+2)   St  28(+1) D   40(+2) A 130(+5)
      MR  16      NAV  5     MDV  5     NF 1
      EnL 96      CDF  6     CL  NA
      DTV -2      HC  44%    INT  6
      C   60(+3)  PR  12     SIZE 2(1)*
      SS Nocturnal Omnivore
      [Kototh, Fusinian]

      Appearance: The children of Fusinian are both male and female.
      All have two forms. The normal form is a wild eyed, unkempt human
      clad in dirty leathers.  They are thin and no more than 65" tall
      in this form.
         At night, when the creature chooses, it takes spider form. The
      resulting arachnid has black fur with thin bands of red on the
      torso. Its body is no more than ten inches long as are its legs.
      (A ruler's spider form is twenty inches long).

      Special: In either form Fusin use MEL6/EL3 Speed.  That power is not
      usable in combat.  All Fusin have the talents of an EL60 Thief and
      EL4 Assassin in Human form. They will generally be armed with
      daggers.  (Rulers are EL80 thieves and EL8 Assassins).
         As spider's they have four doses per night of BL6 Paralytic Poison.
      Anyone affected obeys any suggestion the biter chooses to make until
      the next dawn.  They may move or act only in response to his or her
      command until the sun rises.  With dawn the affect of the poison is
         The Fusin will not give any suggestion that is, in and of itself,
      suicidal.  Should he do so, the affect of the poison is negated at

      NOTE: Fusin use their poison to humiliate prey.  When the fun ends,
      they kill them in a normal manner.  When truly enjoying their fun
      they sometimes forget themselves and are caught by the rising sun.

      IMPORTANT: Any Fusin who is in spider form when the sun rises
      turns to dust.

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