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Wow, a ChaosWizard/Kotothi Shaman with a desert lion tonah sounds like an awesome NPC.thanks for the input everyone.

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<!--#yiv1343243480 DIV {margin:0px;}-->Well, when it comes right down to it, just Wizard and Shaman would be iffy. Shamans are Elder oriented, Wizards are either Chaos, Law or Balance. Probably not.

However, all 3 IS more possible. Wizard plus Sidhe allows for an Elder orientation Wizard, which allows for learning of Shaman spells without Shaman training, although there is no tonah bond. Actually taking the Shaman training would give the Bond, the natural magic itemss, and a couple of basic Shaman spells, such as the all important Orient Self.

So, I'd say: Wizard plus Shaman: NO, All 3, YES, as long as Shaman was last.

Of course, ultimately, it's up to your GM. A case for a Balance Wizard/Shaman could be made, and even for a Chaos Wizard/Kotothi Shaman with a Desert Lion Tonah tie.

Note that Natural Mages can learn anything, which implies some immunity to Alignment restrictions, at least between Elder and Human (Wizardry) magic styles.

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Can a character pay the expertise cost to become both a Shaman and a Wizard?What about all three paths? Wizard, Shaman and Sidh?

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