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Mon May 11 01:57:26 CEST 2015

Hey all,

I have been contemplating a v2 re-write of the combat rules.  More precisely it would be an expansion of the same rules but with some additions and software (Excel) support.  The Excel support would allow for a combat to be quickly set up, then the program would sort the weapon/CDF priorities for the GM and roll the dice, and return results.  This part is already set up/written I just want to make it easier to use and add a 'how to use' tutorial.

My question is on 'severe' hits.  To me, just the increase in hit point damage range isn't really enough to make a realistic combat.  People drop their weapons, lose their shields, break a limb, etc.  I want to add consequences to this kind of attack success.  Not all of them, mind you, but some of them, kind of like fumble rolls for really bad attacks, but positive ones for the really successful attacker.

Here's my list thus far:
- Disable a limb (cut tendon, broken arm, sliced muscle, etc.  Could be hand, foot, portion of arm or leg).
- Disarm the enemy or knock away his shield.
- Pushback (push enemy back one hex).
- Spoil enemy's next attack.
- Hinder enemy's next attack (say +5 to +20 on his next roll or number of rolls).
- Stun opponent (small number of rounds).  This also could represents an enemy disengaging because of his wound and simply defending himself.
- Create opening for attackers next hit (-5 to -20).
- Cause extra blood loss (loss of EnL)...but not enough to likely kill...just eventually need to recover from.

For severe misses (aka fumbles or blunders), the list was shorter...
- Drop weapon (not always a big problem because some might have wrist strap or, as many Knights had, might have the weapon chained to their armor!  Probably to retain a very expensive item.)
- Lose next attack (I was thinking due to losing balance or some such).
- Create an opening for the enemy (-5 to -20 on next attack).
- Fall (slip, trip, etc....skip next attack just to get up...attacker -10).
- Invite an extra attack THIS turn. (Open up your guard so much that you are an easy target).

Anyway, I was wondering if any of you had any other suggestions for consequences of good or bad attacks.

I am also working on some concepts for deadly hits...specifically, blood loss (as a loss of EnL) due to cuts and deep contusions.  Again, just the hit points don't cut it (pun intended).

Dave Sanders

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