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Additionally, I am working on a list of new shield types.  I've been doing a fair amount of research and finding that there are a lot more different types of shields available historically, some of which could be made by certain skilled individuals (such as tanners!  Yes, some excellent shields were made strictly from hides!).  Too many of the weapons and armor are financially out of reach of the lower class characters.  There is a way to fix that without resorting to 'loaning' the character money or weapons.  Also, the shields might be more useful against some weapons than against others.  For instance, a hide shield might not be a great defense from a mace or sword (except as a deflector) but was often considered excellent against arrows and thrusting weapons like spears (and they were quite light!).

I'm going to do something similar with some weapons as well.  I found out there were some 'cheats' that made weapons easier/quicker/cheaper to make at a cost to quality (and one can assume FV and, possibly, WSB).  But again, it might be able to put the weapons in the price range of some lower class characters.  But it explains how some of the army militias were so quickly armed (I know, some of the places have armories, but for thousands...?  And are you really going to give Grunt the Peon a nice sword?).

I've had way too much time on my hands lately to think about this stuff (due to medical issues-not life threatening).

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