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     Yes, one CAN make a shield both lighter and giving a defensive 
bonus depending upon how Permanent Magics have been used in its 
enchantment. I'd use the armor lightening rules to reduce its effective 
weight. I'd use the weapons Hit Chance rule to determine how much 
defensive bonus it could be enchanted with. I also allow weapons to 
parry better if enchanted for it and to be lighter as well.

     Note that each additional enchantment on an item risks failure that 
will also prevent further enchantments or abysmal failure that will 
destroy/warp the enchantments.

     Results may vary depending upon who is the GM and how they 
interpret the rules.

On 6/6/2015 3:19 PM, David Sanders wrote:
> Shouldn't magic shields be able to reduce the to-hit chance of an 
> attacker?
> A sword can increase its hit chance...AND increase its damage caused...
> From the v2 Magic Book #2:
> Weapons
> A) Hit Chance — EL (used as weapon expertise)
> B) Fatigue Value — 1+(EL*2).
> C) Strength — EL/2 (RD) (The increase in the normal WSB).
> Armor
> A) Armor Value — (EL+1)/2 (RD) (Increase over normal AV).
> B) Weight — (EL+1)*5% (A percentage the weight can be increased or 
> decreased)
> Shields
> A) Armor Value — EL (The increase over the normal AV).
> B) Weight — (EL+1)*5% (A percentage the weight can be increased or 
> decreased)
> It just seems like shields should have that effect.  Also, the weapons 
> should be able to be made lighter.
> My 2BB.
> Dave Sanders
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