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We joke about adventurers bringing nothing but trouble too. An 
NPC will be talking about how this particular trail thorugh the 
mountains is quick and quiet. That he's been travelling it for 
twenty years, and only encounters the occasional wolf or bear. We 
laugh and comment about "Well, that was before you had 
adventurers with you. Be prepared for crazed wizards, pissed off 
giants, and demons from hell popping up out of the campfire. 
*shrug* In other words, a typical Tuesday night for us...".

It is funny how in a lot of publishe adventures you get lead-ins 
with NPC's saying how they run the Kelpies Teeth around Dead-Mans 
Bay every week. Ahhh nothing like the spray of the ocean waves 
against your skin, they say. Then, suddently, when the PC's take 
on the job of 'extra muscle' to help load/unlaod because of some 
labourers strike or shortage, every other day the ship is getting 
attacked by kracken, water elementals, and storm giants.


Paul L. Ming


You would think that the people in the adventure areas would get 
smart and not allow any character class people in their kingdoms.  
After all, if there were no heroes, there would be no monsters 
generated.  Simple self preservation response...



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