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I've found that in 30 years its down to 3 forms
Adventure Mode - Go save the princess in that tower over there. Basic quests
Free Form - You allow players to do whatever they want.  Raze this 
village.  Build their own castle.  etc.  Course this cna be dangerous 
as they reform your world.  This is fine to a limit as the true hero 
genre can go crazy.
Dungeon Mode - Like Quest mode but this is just your typical go to 
dungeon.  Hack/slash.  No real role playing.  This is usually where 
most new gamers/gms start.

It all depends on experience and how much time you want to put in 
it.  If can only play once every 2 months then a basic quest is 
probably best. But if you play twice a week then do Free Form.

I do think any playe rand GM should look into the old Joseph 
Campbell's Power of Myth and other pbs materials.  Its a great source 
of myth and being a hero.  When I saw it in early '90s I think I 
changed so much of my play style.  Very good series on pbs.

At 12:42 PM 12/2/2015, you wrote:
>We joke about adventurers bringing nothing but trouble too. An
>NPC will be talking about how this particular trail thorugh the
>mountains is quick and quiet. That he's been travelling it for
>twenty years, and only encounters the occasional wolf or bear. We
>laugh and comment about "Well, that was before you had
>adventurers with you. Be prepared for crazed wizards, pissed off
>giants, and demons from hell popping up out of the campfire.
>*shrug* In other words, a typical Tuesday night for us...".
>It is funny how in a lot of publishe adventures you get lead-ins
>with NPC's saying how they run the Kelpies Teeth around Dead-Mans
>Bay every week. Ahhh nothing like the spray of the ocean waves
>against your skin, they say. Then, suddently, when the PC's take
>on the job of 'extra muscle' to help load/unlaod because of some
>labourers strike or shortage, every other day the ship is getting
>attacked by kracken, water elementals, and storm giants.
>Paul L. Ming
>You would think that the people in the adventure areas would get
>smart and not allow any character class people in their kingdoms.
>After all, if there were no heroes, there would be no monsters
>generated.  Simple self preservation response...
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