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I loved the game as a kid. In full disclosure, we didn't create characters exactly rules as written, nor did we play the game rules as written. Beyond that, it was my first fantasy roleplaying game, so I had no point of reference for what a good game was or wasn't. Now, I've seen games come and go since then, and there are a few other systems I now prefer to that of P&P, but in the moment, in the 80s, I loved P&P for what it was. In this vein, it did not fail - agreeing with Scott's opinion. It provided a lifetime of memories and great fun. Who didn't love rolling on the Special Events table?!
That said, I read the review and thought it quite funny - and to be perfectly honest, I think I found it funny because I definitely sympathized with many of the authors sentiments.
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Thanks.  Yet another idiot who played only 1 hour.  I had to reply.
Maybe if others post replies he might see its not failed.

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