[PnP] More characteristic points allowed by R. Snider in P&P version 2.0

Melkor mttdicor7 at inbox.com
Sun Jul 13 19:13:35 CEST 2014

Ok, it seems that today i dedicated an entire afternoon to highlight some interesting things that i noticed in P&P, so here it is another message.

I noticed that in the draft version written by Snider (character book v.2) he allowed more characteristic points in the INITIAL INCREASE TABLE.

On page 14 of the text, we learn that if you assign 25 points to characteristic points, you get 90 of them to distribute among your stats, whereas in the original rule you got 90 characteristic points only if you assigned 30 points.

In any case, now that i saw this modification, i think i'll use the rule in the draft version next time i have to create a character because i regard it as more "official" considering that Snider wrote it later.

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