[PnP] How do you balance encounters?

Paul L. Ming pming at northwestel.net
Sat Apr 19 23:09:39 CEST 2014


   Well, experience. The closest "in-game" monster stat I seem to fall 
back on as a base of how tough a creature is, is the creatures *CDF*. A 
1 or 2 is 'only challenging in large numbers'; a CDF of 3 'maybe able to 
hold his own for a bit'; a CDF of 4 or 5 is a 'pretty tough cookie'; 6, 
7, 8 and up just get more and more powerful.

  Using that, and a quick glance at hits AHP, OCV and DCV and I have a 
good idea how difficult it will be for the party as a whole. That said, 
if a character decides to be all "tough loner type" and goes wandering 
off away from camp, alone, at 2am...I STILL use the group as a base 
(e.g., the group would have a challenge, but probably win....but this 
single character alone...he's gonna die....and that's fine by me... >:)  
). I don't "reduce it" because he is only one character...

But mainly, yeah, experience. Just keep playing and you'll develop a 
good feel for power levels in the system.


Paul L. Ming

On 19-Apr-14 11:52 AM, Melkor wrote:
> Hi all,
> how do you manage to balance encounters in P&P?

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