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Thu May 16 22:09:31 CEST 2013

I don't think there are size limits to any of the creation spells. As 
always, it is up to the Referee.

As guidance, you could use the fact that earth elementals can be up to 
25 feet tall, and combine this with the size table for creature creation 
(6.1, Book 3) to get a size based on the HPV of the automata created.

I would rule that small is 1-2 feet, medium is human sized, large to 
double that and gigantic up to to 25 feet. But: it's all up to the 
Referee and what seems fitting for the situation.


On 05/16/2013 09:24 PM, Julian Draven wrote:
> I've got a player who wants to take the Automata spell and has asked me
> some questions that I didn't find rules for, so I'm seeking advice from
> you folks.
> The Automata spell doesn't mention any limits on the size/weight/volume
> of an object that can be animated.  I'd guess there should be some limit
> based on the EL of the spell.  Thoughts on what a good limit might be?
> The spell example talks about a stone golem.  Stone is pretty darn
> heavy.  The EL of the spell used in the example is EL5. So the rules
> seem to imply that you can create a stone golem with EL5.  What's that
> really mean, though?  A 5 foot tall humanoid stone statue?  50 cubic
> feet of stone?
> Help!
> Thanks.
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