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Scott Adams longshotgm at comcast.net
Sat Mar 2 00:00:02 CET 2013

Tend to agree with you.  Its amazing though in 30 years never had ot 
ask this question.  Then have one player with two wands so was 
curious.  I never asked Richard this as well.  There was one book 
series of magic that some sued two wands and wasn't even the kid who 
is also a skill in pnp (one we wont mention here to make that UK gal 
even richer and I'm not a huge fan so care less to mention him even 
thogh was in a dozen movies) seemed like that kid used 2 wands at 
once?  BIt like I say I'm not a fan so can't recall.  Just a casual fan.

Then theres the issue of switching.  If you use a 100+50 CA/Bonus and 
go to a 100+75 does this suddenly bos thte CA "magically"
or use the last bonus from the midnight period.  More oddball 
questions but lucky won't have to deal with it.

I'm just glad a certain Varange character didn't try something like 
this with 2 wands and a staff.  :)

Phineas : I can see some creature transmuted to a octpus who was a 
wizard.  He cna then use 8 wands! :<  Trust me I've seen some players 
want to get around all the loopholes.

At 09:16 PM 2/27/2013, Alex Koponen wrote:
>I have always played it as only one can add to CA at a time. When 
>one has spent too much mana the one with the biggest bonus may be 
>the one you have to use to cast at all. And no, though I asked 
>Richard a lot of questions about the game I do not recall asking 
>that particular question.
>         Alex K
>On 2/27/2013 3:47 PM, Scott Adams wrote:
>>I got to know Richard as well as one can via email and helping with 
>>version 2.  But I just was thinking of something..
>>Anyone ever ask him on the aids? ie.  wands, staves
>>Are they cumulative or use the highest one?
>>Meaning if one holds 2 wands in each hand do you nly add one to CA or all?
>>One wand and one staff?
>>ie MEL8/.EL8 Wand and a
>>MEL4/EL3 staff...to me
>>the wnad would give the bonus to CA not both...
>>But was curious how you guys do it?
>>Talking about gunslingers...
>>a magic wand slinger :)
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