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Tue Jan 8 10:09:52 CET 2013

fill out.  Then gray hairs and lines and wrinkles.  So I could see it there.
But yes Why C is maxes I don't know.

>If I take this table correctly, your average PC is going to be paying 250
>points per _1_ point attribute increase in is areas of competance.=A0 This=
>way too painful.
>Show of hands -- how many here have had players that actually maxed out the
>attributes?=A0 It's not very cmmon, and since the skills are limited by
>current attributes it's kind of unfair.

 Yeah I never had.  I had a character that helped a group that was a npc
and pc
off and on for real life 3 years game time about 8 years.  He got close but
its easier to max most (majority) of skills rather than  attributes. =20

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