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Tue Jan 8 10:09:52 CET 2013

&=E8_'=E8_("'=E8=E7=E9 RULES !!! So, if anybody (thank you Dave) knows where=
 to find
them, PLEASE WRITE ! (let it be known I am a poor french lost in
PARIS,FRANCE and far from Crazy Egor)

About Harn and P&P, I began palying Harn also in the early 80's. At this
time, HarnMaster was just a project, and we used the RuneQuest rules. But
when HM project was over, we immediatly skipped to HarnMaster, and never
regreted it.

My 'philosophy' about game rules and worlds is that, most of the time, the
rules stick to its world. If you manage to play Harn with P&P rules, I can't
imagine Perilous Lands with HarnMaster. If you really want to play Harn,
just try HarbMaster.


                                        =3D=3D Bert =3D=3D

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