[PnP] Magic Aids

Scott Adams longshotgm at comcast.net
Thu Feb 28 01:47:20 CET 2013

I got to know Richard as well as one can via email and helping with 
version 2.  But I just was thinking of something..

Anyone ever ask him on the aids? ie.  wands, staves

Are they cumulative or use the highest one?

Meaning if one holds 2 wands in each hand do you nly add one to CA or all?

One wand and one staff?

ie MEL8/.EL8 Wand and a
MEL4/EL3 staff...to me
the wnad would give the bonus to CA not both...

But was curious how you guys do it?

Talking about gunslingers...
a magic wand slinger :)

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