[PnP] Killing Light confusion

Alex Koponen akoponen at mosquitonet.com
Wed Aug 7 20:49:16 CEST 2013

Not a spell I have used much. Let us try to walk thru it.
Projected at a specific target.      Okay.
If the spell succeeds,                     presumably using a roll using 
MEL and EL on the Rule 6.13 The Magic Table.
and on a second roll,                    The second roll will be using 
The Combat Table from Rule 1.
a hit or better is scored on the combat table            Hit, Severe and 
using the EL as the OCV                 Thus caster's EL minus target's 
DCV gets the Base Line on the combat table
the target is dead.                          So far so good. The target 
had two chances to affect the outcome.
                                                          MDV vs first 
roll and DCV vs the second. If the roll was a Hit or better the target dies.
In any other case                           The spell worked but the 
above roll on the Combat Table was a shield hit or miss.
success                                            with the second roll, 
presumably on a shield hit or miss. (miss is arguable)
results in scoring the damage below.                   in which case the 
following tells how much damage is done.
The base line on the combat table equals MEL + EL. Recalculate ignoring 
OCV and DCV and using MEL+EL for BL
                                                           Why? Well 
better chance of hit or shield hit. (Or Snider spaced out.)
Damage equals                                3D6+EL
Exception                                         Light afflicted get 
killed even by shield hits and take more damage from a miss.

My take on the spell.            Alex Koponen
PS One could argue that on the second roll a miss (not being a success) 
should result in no damage.

On 8/6/2013 5:20 PM, Bryan Tallant wrote:
> Hello all,
> I recently created an NPC for my campaign that has the Light Powers 
> family of spells.  I looked up the effects and the Killing Light 
> listing was confusing for me. On a line in the middle it says that the 
> EL is used as the OCV for making the second roll (would you use the 
> target's DCV too?), and on the last line it says to use MEL+EL as the 
> BL on the combat table (this would obviously make for a much higher 
> chance of success).  Anyone know which one it should be?
> Thanks,
> Bryan Tallant
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