[PnP] % availability of healing plant

Scott Adams longshotgm at comcast.net
Sun Apr 28 23:20:09 CEST 2013

THat's because its a DAYSF system.  Do As You 
See  Fit.  He always said if you don't like it 
chang eir o add to it.  But frankly these NMIS 
are so hard in itself so you have to wonder about 
terrain and markets.  So there may be a higher 
chance of finding X in a barbarian market but Y 
in the forest. So there is no cut dry answer.

Here is a secret I use.

Book 4.  Charts on finding things.
So let's say a Diamond  is 01-04 and a Seeds 
(Beither?.no..there is some NMI wiht seeds in it but as an example) is 14-16.
Theres my base chances
so Diamond id 4% and Seeds is 3%.
Its rough.  Abstract.  But it works.
So given a month of searching you might ending up finding one item.
You can +/- the chance for Markets, Herb Shots, 
Magic Shops and such.  So its DAYSF.

These are just examples I'm sure the exact 
numbers are wrong.  The Book4 is somewhere and 
I'm too lazy to look at he files for th edatra. :)

Even Culture can vary.
A place like Climamight have more poison items 
while a land like Marentia might have more 
healing stuff.  So you will hav eto set the numbers yourself.

At 11:42 AM 4/28/2013, Matteo Di Corinto wrote:
>Hi all,
>why on this page
>i seem unable to find the % availability chance 
>of some healing herbs such as "Bush resin" for instance?
>I was wondering why Richard Snider didn't write 
>those down. I would need to know this piece of data for my ongoing campaign.
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