[PnP] Butchery skill

Thomas O. Magann Jr. tmagann at earthlink.net
Thu Apr 11 04:02:41 CEST 2013

I've been debating running a P&P game on RPoL, but I have a bit of an issue from the old days that I never addresses back then: getting the enchant-able body parts from dead critters without ruining them.

I've always assumed it would be Butchery skill. Does anyone remember of such a skill was published in the magazines? (mine aren't handy. I really need to dig them out).

This is what I have to use as guidelines for making the skill myself:

-Husbandry includes some healer skill, so could be used at the Healer markdown...if you had the right Husbandry skill.
-Healer for the right critter type could be used, also.  Either of these options gives us a limit of ((int or will)+ EM)/10.

-Survival is about the same limit (int+em)/10, but varies by terrain rather than species, and is for food points only. Important as that's the main reason Butchery skill would exist, and good for maximizing food yields. Still an not unimportant advantage for some characters.

Cost to learn for Husbandry is 30, Survival is 20, and Healer is 120.
Cost for Husbandry is 8, Survival is 15, and Healer is 20

My thoughts on a new skills:

It's basically a survival variant at it's basic use, so Cost to learn 20. 
The point is to get a good hide, all the edible parts, and any usable bones for weapons (for the barbarian users) without nicking the guts or otherwise damaging the goods, closer to healing skill than hunting or raising, so 20 per level.

Or, in a final form:

Butchery, cost to learn 20, cost 20 (Int+EM)/10
Partial success is normal food point yield and a reasonably decent hide. 
Full success is +10% food point yield, and a perfect hide (suitable for enchanting, high end leather working, etc) 
Difficulty of BL0 in most cases (normal furred animals and lightly scaled fish and reptiles), but particularly tough hides, armadillos, turtles, etc can increase this, as can the presence of poison glands.
An effort to scavenge delicate or hard to get body parts such as heart's blood, eyes, or the like safely can also cause an increase to BL,.

This skills CAN be used after a successful/partially successful Survival/hunting roll to maximize food point yield, and for hide recovery for leather working. Size of animal (as reflected by food points found) will affect hide, assuming it HAS a hide. 

So,  assuming there isn't already a Butchery skill in the magazines, how does that sound to folks? Workable?

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