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Don't recall the gambling rules but I may have it on my files on 
other computer.  I do know you did the motivations though as I have 
used that alot of times for npc encounters and such.  I don't recall 
the example below though so this may be a diff version then the one I 
do use...hmmm

I enjoyed the motivation charts

At 10:14 AM 5/21/2012, you wrote:
>Another clean out found.  This was my derivation of group/national 
>motivations.  If you have a group (be it a nation, a cult, or the 
>crew of a ship), one can roll once or twice on the table (using 
>three d6's to generate a 3 digit number from 111-666).  If there are 
>multiple motivations, the higher priority (A > B > C > D > E) 
>overrides unless it is satisfied.
>For example, a ship's crew that the players have been shanghied on:
>146 = Needs Source (B)
>556= At Enemy Expense -> 512 = Needs Wealth (D)
>The GM then takes these motivations and weaves the current game 
>location and situation into them.
>"The goal of the crew is to become the primary supplier of spices to 
>a wealthy merchant in Donara. Once that goal is accomplished, they 
>will strive to make as much money as possible with this trade 
>primarily through 'kneecapping' any up and coming competitors 
>(possibly even piracy)."
>With the example above, if they did lose  the primary goal, they 
>would stop the rotten stuff and again concentrate on the main goal.
>If groups change members a lot, motivations may shift at the GM's 
>whim as new leaders enforce their own motivations.
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