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Another clean out found.  This was my derivation of group/national motivations.  If you have a group (be it a nation, a cult, or the crew of a ship), one can roll once or twice on the table (using three d6's to generate a 3 digit number from 111-666).  If there are multiple motivations, the higher priority (A > B > C > D > E) overrides unless it is satisfied.

For example, a ship's crew that the players have been shanghied on:

146 = Needs Source (B)
556= At Enemy Expense -> 512 = Needs Wealth (D)

The GM then takes these motivations and weaves the current game location and situation into them.

"The goal of the crew is to become the primary supplier of spices to a wealthy merchant in Donara. Once that goal is accomplished, they will strive to make as much money as possible with this trade primarily through 'kneecapping' any up and coming competitors (possibly even piracy)."

With the example above, if they did lose  the primary goal, they would stop the rotten stuff and again concentrate on the main goal.

If groups change members a lot, motivations may shift at the GM's whim as new leaders enforce their own motivations.

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