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Check out Rule 4.9 The Attack Priority Table which affects the order in 
which attacks happen in the movement & melee phase (IV).
Generally the order of attacks makes no difference UNLESS the slower 
combatant gets disabled (knocked out) or killed before their attack gets 

         Alex K

On 1/15/2012 1:17 PM, dasandersx at comcast.net wrote:
> So...the rules don't really state why there is a weapon priority or 
> how to apply it.  At least, not that I can find.
> So...if a character is hit first by a creature, does that invalidate 
> the character's attack?  Does it merely force a negative modifier
> (actually an add)?
> Certainly the effect of the earlier attack can affect the expected 
> return attack if, for instance, the lower priority weapon user is killed.
> How do you see that happening/working?
> thanks!
> I've worked up an excel combat table that rolls and makes the proper 
> die adjustments for me...and tells me how successful an attack 
> is...next up, is applying the combat rolls and damage....hmmm....it 
> will work for large combats too....
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