[PnP] More about max CPs

Scott Adams longshotgm at comcast.net
Thu Dec 13 20:13:58 CET 2012

At 07:54 PM 12/12/2012, you wrote:
>CPs are characteristic points....and every non-godlike being has 
>limitations...eventually people just stop gaining.  I wouldn't do 
>anything about them...leave it up to the players to figure out how 
>to rise above their 'physical' station.

Yes.  I like the option.  But for vet players who gain oodles of EPs 
it seems wasteful.  So the option to tweak or gain new benefits is 
good.  I may put it to a vote to the players to decide.

>Heck, even the gods have limitations...

How dare you!  Where is my lightning bolt staff!  Maybe normal gods 
but not me! :)

Alex didn't get your msg in email but saw it online.
I still have the original post you amde on that variant so will look at it.

I just wanted to check what others havedone.  I tihnk I have 3 now 
maybe 4 pcs at max.  So need to get read yfor that option.

I will put it up to the players as a vote.

But Gold
Get out of a very very bad Roll -re roll
Entropy effect
Multiplier changes
Will figure out other stuff.

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