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Add /pbem/index.htm to that
the page should not be linked that way just using the / I'll have to 
clean that up when move the site over.
/pbem#/ is the pbem adventure # so pbem1 pbem2 etc..
pbem is the current one.
so use the URL below
with /pbem/index.htm

At 08:49 PM 12/4/2012, you wrote:

>The Longest running P&P PBEM game ever (since 1999) is going to 
>start Adventure #6 soon.  If this was a movie it would be about 5 
>minutes before the end credits.  If a 300 page book it would be page 
>280.  If a table game it would be at least 2 hours to finish.
>So if want to join Adventure #6 your free to do so.  I've had 
>interest before 3-4 folks over the years but they never follow 
>through with what they want done.  Right now we have 7 active 
>players (1 passing away recently).
>The final combat is done and its just a bunch of Role Playing and 
>clean up and such.  May take a bit more time but who knows could 
>start 1/1 (if world doesn't explode on 12/21).
>We will go from Katai back to Home Marentia then to Donara and that 
>area roughly.  It will center around one of the player characters 
>and her background.
>So if interested yell in email
>pnpgm at comcast.net
>or this email.
>SHould find plenty of material on the game including packet to join, 
>info on characters, info on the adventures and such.  As well as 
>plenty of example game posts and updates.
>This one started 10/2011 so a bit over a year.  Some has been longer 
>a few years.  I honestly not sure how long #6 will go as I've not 
>finished the details myself.
>But if interested in playing with a game that actually has stayed 
>around rather than shutting down early...
>Let me know.  If just questions ask as well.
>Could even directly ask questions to the players if needed as 
>well.  I'm sure they will give good reports or suffer rocks 
>unusually falling onto heads and killing....but I'm sure it will be 
>glowing reports.
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