[PnP] PBEM New Adventure

Scott Adams longshotgm at comcast.net
Wed Dec 5 02:49:27 CET 2012

The Longest running P&P PBEM game ever (since 1999) is going to start 
Adventure #6 soon.  If this was a movie it would be about 5 minutes 
before the end credits.  If a 300 page book it would be page 280.  If 
a table game it would be at least 2 hours to finish.

So if want to join Adventure #6 your free to do so.  I've had 
interest before 3-4 folks over the years but they never follow 
through with what they want done.  Right now we have 7 active players 
(1 passing away recently).

The final combat is done and its just a bunch of Role Playing and 
clean up and such.  May take a bit more time but who knows could 
start 1/1 (if world doesn't explode on 12/21).

We will go from Katai back to Home Marentia then to Donara and that 
area roughly.  It will center around one of the player characters and 
her background.

So if interested yell in email
pnpgm at comcast.net
or this email.


SHould find plenty of material on the game including packet to join, 
info on characters, info on the adventures and such.  As well as 
plenty of example game posts and updates.

This one started 10/2011 so a bit over a year.  Some has been longer 
a few years.  I honestly not sure how long #6 will go as I've not 
finished the details myself.

But if interested in playing with a game that actually has stayed 
around rather than shutting down early...

Let me know.  If just questions ask as well.

Could even directly ask questions to the players if needed as 
well.  I'm sure they will give good reports or suffer rocks unusually 
falling onto heads and killing....but I'm sure it will be glowing reports.

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