[PnP] resquest for a bit of assistance

Scott Adams longshotgm at comcast.net
Mon Apr 9 01:34:00 CEST 2012

There is plenty of Examples in the rules that 
cover combat and magic.  You could copy some of 
those.  I've typed up aspects like this before 
but not in terms of what you may want.  I did the 
typical character sheet tip sheet, rules summary 
and all that but most of that was over a decade 
ago.  I've typed up literally MEGs of text for 
the pbem over the last 15 years or so.  Plenty of 
actual combat and magic demo there more or 
less.  But I've never just done a stand alone document.

IF I had time I'd do something for you.  But a 
bit overwhelmed due to my plate.  Just doing my 
pbem takes a great deal of time.  But you are 
free to access the various updates to  cut/past. 
But my style may not fit yours.

So check out County Mordaara...didn't it have some thing like this?

At 01:38 AM 4/8/2012, you wrote:
>I realize I never really speak up here, but I 
>would like to start a P&P campaign in my area 
>and was wondering if someone here can help 
>out...what I’d like to do is have a written 
>down one or two “rounds” of combat and magic 
>using newly made characters in order to explain 
>these concepts.  I realize that P&P can be 
>daunting for many who are used to the usual rpg, 
>but because P&P has been for me one of the most 
>cherished rule systems, I’d like to start 
>playing it again.  I just don’t have anything 
>written down and it has always been a plus for 
>me to have a written example of at least one or 
>two rounds of the use of combat and 
>magic.  I’m fairly confident I can explain the 
>character sheet, but having some extra handouts 
>would be delightful.  So...if any can help, I would be most happy.  Thanks!
>Franklin Robertson
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