[PnP] resquest for a bit of assistance

Franklin Robertson fbrobertson at charter.net
Sun Apr 8 07:38:01 CEST 2012

I realize I never really speak up here, but I would like to start a P&P campaign in my area and was wondering if someone here can help out...what I’d like to do is have a written down one or two “rounds” of combat and magic using newly made characters in order to explain these concepts.  I realize that P&P can be daunting for many who are used to the usual rpg, but because P&P has been for me one of the most cherished rule systems, I’d like to start playing it again.  I just don’t have anything written down and it has always been a plus for me to have a written example of at least one or two rounds of the use of combat and magic.  I’m fairly confident I can explain the character sheet, but having some extra handouts would be delightful.  So...if any can help, I would be most happy.  Thanks!

Franklin Robertson
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