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I've never been happy with the "Upper world map" as given in the books...for one thing, how do you reconcile points on that world to the middle world?

For my current game, my players have a desire to eventually go into the upper world.  By my home rules (borrowed from RuneQuest), when adventuring in the upper world one can get experience that may apply to increasing the attribute maximums, so there is a desire to do so.  However, things are much nastier up there (Think regular creatures, with a +1 bonus on all stats, at a minimum, with all that entails with regards to figured stats).

To handle this I was sort of looking at this in a sort of online MMORPG way...each god has their own realm, and obviously gods of a related alignment are in the same general "area".  The size of each realm depends on the CL of the god (not sure what to use for a formula, TBD), with a number of "contact points" to other realms equal to the CL.  Basically, a network of "bubbles" connected by links, if you want to visualize it that way.  

Each realm has it's environment and character based on the core god, with whatever rules of law that apply.  Certain realms have additional "overlap" points with the middle world, where the use of Upper world travel allows you to pass through the weak point.  You also need UWT to move along the links.

This has the advantage of only needing to map a region when you need it, without having to actually place it on a map.     

On Feb 28, 2011, at 8:07 AM, Scott Adams wrote:

> At 05:38 AM 2/28/11, you wrote:
>> On Sun, 2011-02-27 at 22:01 -0500, Burton Choinski wrote:
>>> We actually have the reverse situation...we have run many systems,
>>> usually homebrew, but still situated in the Perilous Lands.
>> Actually on-topic with this discussion I'm fishing for an article on
>> Perilous Lands for RPG Review (rpgreview.net). 
>> The next issue is on "worlds" and it would be good to have an article
>> that gives a critical overview of the gameworld, what makes it special,
>> what it doesn't do so well, etc.
>> Anyone interested?
> I'm biased.  So not sure it would be objective.  Besides I ain't too eloqaint with me words. :)
> If only had time I could do it but would depend on deadline.  But I'm still biased to it so I think other person would do better.  PL is the biggest world I've played in for fantasy terms.  Run/play.  So would best have a person who can compare contrast with other worlds mentioned previously like Grayhawk or whatever in previous posts here recently.
> I would LOVE to see an article on upper world. :) (real reason for this post - we always need material for UW). 
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