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Thu Dec 30 21:36:41 CET 2010

The one thing I wish i had, but don't have the software for (or the time to do it all) is a digital map of the world.  Something that can be zoomed in to make maps with.  I have sort of faked it with the maps I have submitted (basically take the hexes, apply some fractal to the lines to rough them up, apply graphics).  The problem is that each map ends up unique...I can't easily do a sequence of close maps (like the map book) since they won't match up. 

It would be interesting to have a base DEM of the entire world, perhaps 1 pixel per mile, locked to a line art.  Then when you zoom in you would need to perhaps fractilize the heights prior to working with it. 

But having line work that scales properly would be wonderful.  The problem is, that's a lot of data, unless you want nothing but straight lines when you zoom in.

What is needed is some sort of procedural pre-render that takes something that won't change, like the mile coordinate of the pixel, and use that as the random seed, combined with the terrain type (plains, etc) to generate the actual terrain.  As you zoom in the fractional points around the main coord are used for the seed, so you could zoom in on a single hex to render the terrain.  then you take your render and use that as the base of a program like illustrator to lay out roads, towns or other needed features.

Any mapping project will require a lot of work.  I'm willing to help, if I have the tools to assist.  Perhaps I'll try scanning in the pages of the map book such that 1 pixel is 1 mile and see what we would end up with.  If i can stiitch it together, perhaps I can work on the DEM.

On Dec 30, 2010, at 8:19 AM, Floyd Resler wrote:

> Paul,
> 	You can find a JPEG map  here (http://powers.maccrafters.com/Images/map.jpg).  That's one I stitched together years ago.
> Take care,
> Floyd
> On Dec 30, 2010, at 4:34 AM, Paul Ming wrote:
>> Hiya.
>>   I was just wondering if anyone has (or would be interested in) a map of the Perilous Lands in digital format? No, I don't have one yet (well, I did do most of a single map a loooooong time ago around Marentia: http://themings.tripod.com/denslair/rpgs/powersandperils/rpg_pnp_temp.html Sorry for the crappy site...did it over a decade ago and haven't really touched it sinse...kinda surprised it's still there).
>>   Anyway, I was thinking about starting up a P&P campaign sometime in the new year and I'll probably be doing a lot of campaign stuff on computer. One of the things I'm thinking about doing is maps; world, area, country, city, etc. I'm just trying to decide on a style for them. Maybe a 'simple' hex map (using Hexographer), but perhaps something more artistic (hand-drawn/painted), or maybe using Campaign Cartographer 3 (or some mix between them all). If anyone had a perference, or particular 'artistic style' that they think goes well with the flavour of P&P, please post a link to an example or two. I'm hunting for something myself, but wondering what others have found particularily good.
>> ^_^
>> Paul L. Ming
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