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	You can find a JPEG map  here (http://powers.maccrafters.com/Images/map.jpg).  That's one I stitched together years ago.

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On Dec 30, 2010, at 4:34 AM, Paul Ming wrote:

> Hiya.
>   I was just wondering if anyone has (or would be interested in) a map of the Perilous Lands in digital format? No, I don't have one yet (well, I did do most of a single map a loooooong time ago around Marentia: http://themings.tripod.com/denslair/rpgs/powersandperils/rpg_pnp_temp.html Sorry for the crappy site...did it over a decade ago and haven't really touched it sinse...kinda surprised it's still there).
>   Anyway, I was thinking about starting up a P&P campaign sometime in the new year and I'll probably be doing a lot of campaign stuff on computer. One of the things I'm thinking about doing is maps; world, area, country, city, etc. I'm just trying to decide on a style for them. Maybe a 'simple' hex map (using Hexographer), but perhaps something more artistic (hand-drawn/painted), or maybe using Campaign Cartographer 3 (or some mix between them all). If anyone had a perference, or particular 'artistic style' that they think goes well with the flavour of P&P, please post a link to an example or two. I'm hunting for something myself, but wondering what others have found particularily good.
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> Paul L. Ming
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