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At 08:16 PM 9/23/09, you wrote:
>I've always assumed the pact was forever (barring the mage doing something silly to violate it, like constantly summoning and dismissing just for expertise). Each pact gives spell knowledge which can be increased but not to exceed the actual elemental powers. It's the only elder source of much of this spell knowledge, too, making it THE source for dwarves, elves, and other Elder sorts to access these spells.   
>As to the duration.... I've always assumed that was for the summoning, That's the core of the spell, when it comes down to it: Summoning elementals that are better than a summoning spell can do (if more expensive)
>As to only casting it once (or 4 times: once for each pact) that sets a limit on the pact-taught spells. if you don't improve Elemental Powers, you can't improve the linked spells.
>Of course, if you DO cast it, you're summoning elementals. Most of them don't seem to like humanity, and most of them need to be repaid for showing up. Failure to repay them could be a violation, requiring a new casting for a pact before the next cast for a summoning. And, remember, losing the pact loses all the linked spells.
>So, in short, I think it's semi-permanent, but needs a bit more careful handling if it's going to grow in levels safely.
I don't know.   I just don't see the logic in the pact being forever.  I could see if one mage stayed on one lake for his entire life.  But if he moved to diff ocean or went to upper world and came back ..etc.  So I just always figured need to cast EP to reform a current pact.  Why I was hoping other GMs and maybe Richard would comment on this.

Hopefully more comments will come.

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