[PnP] Gaining New Skills and Spells

Scott Adams longshot at cybermax.net
Thu Sep 3 02:34:40 CEST 2009

At 05:28 PM 9/2/09, you wrote:
>Something I've always wondered about in P&P is how to gain new skills  
>and spells.  Since all of them require expertise points to acquire how  
>does a character get new expertise points to get them after being   
Don't know the rule number.  But its Applied training I believe in book 1.

Basically your taught.

You can get a book and learn or from an instructor.
So read a book get 1 per day.
Get a teacher with book get 2 as teacher gives you 1).
If get a basic teacher without book get 2 points per day.

Even stats can be improved I believe its every 4 days you get 1 cp.

So basically find anyone willing to teach you the skill or find info on it.

Book alone - 1
Book w/instructor - 2
Instructor alone no book - 2
Self taught - 1 

You cna self teach yourself things but its slow and earns you a point.  Basically throwing a dagger at a dart board will earn you 1 per day for that skill for example.  

This is for learning new ones or improving old ones.

Now GMs can vary on the rules they may require experts (EL40 for EL80 skills for example) to teach.  Some may require you have higher combat (EL1 sword you have you should be taught by EL2+).  Etc.
But that will vary and isn't in the rules. 

Heck I assume some magic or smartness could change things.  Super high Intelligence or magical books might improve to 3 points.  Who knows.  That's up to the Ref.  The above is just in the rules.

Same for spells.  Course Refs can limit spells learned to alignments and such...etc.

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