[PnP] Economics -- looking for help

Scott Adams longshot at darktech.org
Sun Mar 29 03:36:17 CEST 2009

At 02:23 PM 3/24/09, you wrote:
>Ok, I have been chewing on this for at least a month now, slowly  
>adding to it, but I'm constantly revising and tweaking and still not  
>100% happy, so I'm throwing out a line to the list to anyone with  
>experience in economic systems (or at least faking it in an RPG :)
Frankly don't see where you need help with.  You have a good grasp of things and it looks very well thought out.  Course then theres Infestations, Soil, Weather, Drough, Famine, War and Plaquest to figure into this economic system. 

Then the Unit involved.  In farming do youd o apples or grapes.  Grapes would yield far more units than Applies by sheer size.  So maybe a system based on the types of Units.
Fruits, Vines/Veggies, Other...could be done.

Just my 2 BB..but otherwise no real points to add.  I'm no farmer!

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