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J Hooten jhooten at binary.net
Sat Jan 3 20:44:55 CET 2009

I left out one of my favorites...
Unknown parentage!
Let the character and player learn about where they gained some odd 
abilities in PLAY
This works quite well with things that did not show up til maturity or 
some event triggered them

Think about it in terms like this:
You can understand a language you have never heard?
So its unlikely you knew you could until you encountered it.
Or you can fly, but you did not know that until you fell out of a tree 
and stopped just before you hit the ground.

Some things are obvious and likely learned while a child, others may 
never be discovered without help.
You could have a talent to learn magic fast, but never use it.
Or worse you have known talents that you are afraid to use or people 
will burn you as a witch!

So as a GM don't forget surprises for everyone can be fun!
And not all 'gifts' are a blessing at all times
Magical gifts are a bad idea in places that shun magic and I think there 
is at least one country in perilous lands that acts that way?
And many 'normal' people are afraid of magic
There are countries where those with magic abuse the people

Another fun thing so many characters forget...wealth
Most characters carry a kings ransom in wealth, at least in the eyes of 
most the populous.
Even a low level character can have wealth to feed a town for a year
Yet I have seen these characters casually tossing gold in the bars and 
be surprised by the attention later

J Hooten wrote:
> Yes, the player and the GM should work together to decide how or why 
> such 'gifts' exist.
> When I have GMed, most such things were given at birth by gods to push 
> the person toward working to their ends.
> The god is not allowed to force the person to do what is desired, free 
> will is important, so such gifts tend to be more subtle means to get 
> what they want.
> Of course, they can always send existing agents to recruit the new talent
> The fun starts when other gods see the gifts given and react by giving 
> their own gifts in attempts to corrupt or steal a more powerful pawn 
> (and explain some odd mixes of powers)
> Would be heroes are always rare and powerful, one with gifts are more so 
> and can be quite valuable to a god's work.
> Then there are all those nasty Wizard experiments and other such backgrounds
> And odd matings and breeding experiments
> Don't forget the gods like to steal those too, why pay for what you can 
> get for free or at a major discount!
> Its important to keep the bestowal of powers rare.
> Some great and powerful Mage may be able to do it at extreme costs and 
> risks but not be willing to do so often.
> Rituals sacrificing thousands may be used, but be careful as that is 
> cheap to some types of fanatics
> Increase costs for some gifts, Natural Mage is one of the most powerful 
> gifts ever!
> Do not give that out lightly.
> One natural mage could grow up to be able to take on entire kingdoms 
> with ease.
> If you don't think so read the rules very carefully
> It is trivial for such a person to be nearly magic immune, MDVs greater 
> than 100 is not hard to get
> He can cast any spell far faster than an archmage could and likely far 
> more often even at low levels
> But he wont stay low for long.
> He learns spells fast and can cast then often to keep learning.
> Just practicing spells such a person can reach Mel 12 to 14 in well 
> under a year
> It only takes about a month to reach El10 in any spell he desires, 
> likely much less
> I should work one up again just to see how bad it really is, especially 
> using new rules.
> I recommend breaking the Natural Mage from the stat increases, its still 
> powerful by itself.
> So look any gift over careful and be prepared to balance them out with 
> extra 'work' from the gods.
> Economics of the Gods 101
> Sylverrs_ dragon wrote:
>> I have a suggestion. If your player rolls such a power have him 
>> explain what was done in his past to give it life OR give him said 
>> explanation yourself. The elements involved. of course, will have an 
>> impact on his present and future. A character is a tapestry. Make it 
>> beautiful.
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>>> From: jhooten at binary.net
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>>> Subject: Re: [PnP] Innate Powers
>>> Since innate powers are specific, he would gain MDV boost relative to
>>> that power as well as some immunity to that power
>>> General MDV does not add that Mel but only spell caster Mel since that
>>> is also general
>>> other than that its always up to the GM
>>> Schnockel wrote:
>>>> All,
>>>> When a character rolls an innate power, does that mean his MDV goes
>>>> higher by MEL/2, or MEL or not at all?
>>>> Also, has anyone thought of having the 'Powers' innate special powers
>>>> only come to fruition at certain ages or when the character has
>>>> accomplished something worthy of the 'gift' from the gods? It seems
>>>> the 'powers' special attributes are really quite powerful. I was
>>>> thinking that, for example the Aerial Powers, the character might 
>> have
>>>> the least powerful 'spell' (command avians) but not gain flight until
>>>> some great gain for the element was achieved...or the character 
>> turned
>>>> 21...or maybe made some journey/pilgrimage?
>>>> Dave Sanders
>> ---------------

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