[PnP] Innate Powers

J Hooten jhooten at binary.net
Fri Jan 2 09:25:43 CET 2009

Since innate powers are specific, he would gain MDV boost relative to 
that power as well as some immunity to that power
General MDV does not add that Mel but only spell caster Mel since that 
is also general
other than that its always up to the GM

Schnockel wrote:
> All,
> When a character rolls an innate power, does that mean his MDV goes 
> higher by MEL/2, or MEL or not at all?
> Also, has anyone thought of having the 'Powers' innate special powers 
> only come to fruition at certain ages or when the character has 
> accomplished something worthy of the 'gift' from the gods?  It seems 
> the 'powers' special attributes are really quite powerful.  I was 
> thinking that, for example the Aerial Powers, the character might have 
> the least powerful 'spell' (command avians) but not gain flight until 
> some great gain for the element was achieved...or the character turned 
> 21...or maybe made some journey/pilgrimage?
> Dave Sanders
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