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Well first let me reintegrate that The Rule books for any RPG are just guide-lines for the GM. But the true rules only exist in the GM's head so it makes more since to talk about the Guide-lines themselves as they are written.

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> or when the character has accomplished something worthy of
> the 'gift' from the gods?  

Book I page 5 1.2 Special Events "It reflects special influences that may have affected the Character IN HIS PRE-GAME LIFE." 

So what ever the Char did you earn the powers and how ever they developed is solely a matter Char History and doesn't affect the game metrics(as written the Ref is course free to change them.)  of course I don't like the whole random PC creation idea so maybe I miss understood your question but you seem to me to be asking 1.2 being used to determine the PC in-Game future.

Hope this is help full.

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