[PnP] Rule 6.12 A)

Alex Koponen akoponen at mosquitonet.com
Sun Feb 22 09:50:12 CET 2009

I vaguely remember some conversation on the forum about rule 6.12 A)  
before, but I don't remember the conclusion.

Historically I have applied the EL modifier (subtracting EL x 2 from the 
success roll) that a spell was cast at rather than whatever EL the 
caster knew the spell at. It seems logical as each additional EL adds 
two mana more oomph to the spell.

However one can pose the question: Given two wizards of equal MEL and 
the same spell but one knows the spell at EL8 and the other only knows 
it at EL0 shouldn't the more knowledgeable and expert one have a better 
chance of success with the spell when both cast it at EL0?

If one wants to complicate their life a possible compromise is to 
subtract 2x EL for each EL the spell is actually cast at and 1x EL for 
each EL above that EL that the caster knows the spell at. In which case 
in the above example the expert would subtract 8 when casting at EL0; 9 
at EL1; et cetera.

If Richard Snider has the definitive answer it would be nice to have it 
listed in the errata.

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