[PnP] Casting Speed of Items

Alex Koponen akoponen at mosquitonet.com
Sun Feb 22 03:44:50 CET 2009


Presumably one can make items at a high EL that actually cast the 
ensorceled spell at a lower EL in order that the spell is cast more 
quickly. Example: A Fireball Wand created by a MEL10 wizard who knows 
Fireball at EL5 might be 'set' to cast EL2 fireballs rather than the 
maximum EL5 so that 8 mana points that the item can cast per phase is 
not exceeded and allows the spell to be cast in a single phase. As per 
rule 6.12 A) the EL5 that it was ensorceled at gives a -10 modifier to 
the success roll.

Natural Magicians innate understanding of magic allows them to craft and 
ensorcel items to double the usual casting speed as per Natural Magician 
attribute. Shamans may opt to ensorcel Orient Self into an item for the 
same purpose. This can increase the item's Casting Speed potentially up 
to doubling the mana/phase the item can cast. These are NOT cumulative. 
A Natural Shaman could at most only double the item's casting speed.

Comments welcome.

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