[PnP] how virgin is virgin enough?

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There was an additional consideration to all this that comes to mind, even
though it is an unusual one. But depending on the specific type and style of
milieu being played, I thought it was worth mentioning.
I can't recall offhand of any existing guidelines for this matter in the
Books or on the Site, but it had to do with source materials sought out on
the Upper and Lower Worlds, at least certain types of materials perhaps. I
know planar vacations are not exactly commonplace, but, depending on the
campaign, I think it should logically be considered.
There could be mages that go on excursions to procure certain raw materials
on the Upper and/or Lower Worlds, materials that are specifically required
for exactly what they want to create and for the required effects or potency
of their creation. Then from there what inevitably and playfully comes to
mind is some scale of 'planar mercantilism', where a specialist group goes
to the other worlds to collect special materials for resale in the Middle to
magi and alchemists.
There may also be a kind of metaphysical risk (perhaps treated as an Abysmal
Failure on a roll) upon re-entering the Middle World, where the material
loses some or all of its 'potency' because of being out of its element, or
if certain preparations are not properly made.
This is just a category of idea that crossed my mind.

On Mon, Feb 9, 2009 at 9:10 PM, Scott Adams <longshot at darktech.org> wrote:

> At 12:36 AM 2/9/09, you wrote:
> >OK...so when constructing/creating magic items, how virgin is virgin
> enough for item materials?  For a sword does the magic user have to collect
> ore or can he get an iron ingot?  When creating a pouch, do you have to buy
> new woven/spun material or do you have to raise the sheep for the wool or
> raise the plants for linen?  Anybody know about the care and feeding of
> silkworms?
> >
> >Just how far back in the existance of the materials do you really have to
> go?
> >
> >I've got an idea for some items I would like to make in one game and want
> to know what the intent is of the creation rule.
> >
> Depends on the item. Think of it like arts and crafts.  Collect the
> materials and bild what you want.  That's basically it.  As long as its not
> a "finished" or half finished or even 1/3rd finished item.  Once you start
> the process (say sewing in that boot the leather threads) it becomes
> somewhat finished.  So need a staff?  Collect he wood and carve it.  Need a
> sword collect the ingot or ore and bang it out.  Need a Amulet collect the
> chain links, amulet face or make one and inlay the jewels.  Etc.
> To me consider it step 1 of the Arts/Crafts class.  Collect materials. Once
> you begin step 2 the item is tainted and only the mage doing it can enchant
> it.
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