[PnP] how virgin is virgin enough?

Scott Adams longshot at darktech.org
Tue Feb 10 03:10:56 CET 2009

At 12:36 AM 2/9/09, you wrote:
>OK...so when constructing/creating magic items, how virgin is virgin enough for item materials?  For a sword does the magic user have to collect ore or can he get an iron ingot?  When creating a pouch, do you have to buy new woven/spun material or do you have to raise the sheep for the wool or raise the plants for linen?  Anybody know about the care and feeding of silkworms?
>Just how far back in the existance of the materials do you really have to go?
>I've got an idea for some items I would like to make in one game and want to know what the intent is of the creation rule.

Depends on the item. Think of it like arts and crafts.  Collect the materials and bild what you want.  That's basically it.  As long as its not a "finished" or half finished or even 1/3rd finished item.  Once you start the process (say sewing in that boot the leather threads) it becomes somewhat finished.  So need a staff?  Collect he wood and carve it.  Need a sword collect the ingot or ore and bang it out.  Need a Amulet collect the chain links, amulet face or make one and inlay the jewels.  Etc.

To me consider it step 1 of the Arts/Crafts class.  Collect materials. Once you begin step 2 the item is tainted and only the mage doing it can enchant it.  

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