[PnP] Apology For The "West Of...Where?" Debacle

Wout Broere broere at powersandperils.org
Fri Nov 28 21:34:18 CET 2008

For some reason I get the second half just fine in all four posts, just 
that there is a (greater than) sign at the beginning of the line for 
this second half.

This is the 'quoted from previosu'  character in ascii email, so I guess 
your browser/email client is hiding quoted text. Just a guess.

Phineas Cromwell wrote:
> For some reason, some power or force has decided to make it impossible 
> to send the complete version of my e-mail.
> To sum up, the second half of the post just brought out that Lemasa, on 
> the eastern coast of the Perilous Lands continent, 'discovered' what was 
> termed the "Eastern Lands" in The Culture Book; also, a map in back of 
> The Site Book corroborates this eastern placement.
> Am I missing something, am I nitpicking, am I so incredibly naive, or is 
> it just the way things are and I should be grateful?
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