[PnP] Some Talk With Schnockel On Magic

Phineas Cromwell phineascromwell at gmail.com
Fri Nov 28 17:34:45 CET 2008

I wanted to share the text of a message with Schnockel, just to see if
anyone would be interested in sharing their ideas. We were talking about
natural magic items at one point. I'll just include my response, because I
dont want to automatically post his text without asking him first (at first
I thought our messages were being shared with the whole group, then I
noticed they were just going between him and me...as far as I know)

He was talking about developing the rules for creating magic items, and
making rules concerning Permanent Magics and Natural Magic items have a
greater dimension of realism and difficulty:

"Yes, I agree totally with these ideas. They would reinforce the whole
dimension of realism, for one, and beyond that the potential for roleplaying
out the acquisition of the materials, and any ceremonies/rituals involved in
their use.
Alone, the idea of making the creation/acquisition of anything powerful more
difficult and complicated makes that power more valuable, and contributes to
a naturally-feeling game balance for such things.
I also had ideas started some time ago for 'grades' of natural magic items
that would determine a range of potency when they are enhanced; the higher
the 'grade', the higher the enhancement potential, but the rarer it would be
because of its higher 'grade'; some lower 'grades' would probably produce
enhancements lower than what is given in the main rules, so you would
automatically have a realistic kind of range of power-potential going on
there, and consequently more realism and a 'hard-earned' feeling in their
And higher 'grades' of certain materials might even be more fragile or
sensitive to exposure to the enhancement process, so a higher failure-chance
factor can be worked in there."
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