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Burton Choinski bchoinski at comcast.net
Tue Mar 18 01:50:02 CET 2008

On Mar 16, 2008, at 12:34 AM, Scott Adams wrote:

>> However, on problem with the spell seems to be the actual effect.   
>> How
>> much of the body is actually needed?  At high levels you can get
>> pretty far along in time.
> I don't know what you mean by body.  Generally its best to preserve  
> teh dead or oblivion it or time stop or such the body for  
> resurrection.
> As you know Resurrection is powerful.  That other game witht eh  
> dragons and dungeons but will remain nameless, used it too often.   
> Find a neighborhood friendly cleric.  Poof.  Dead rises.

We discussed it at the game on sunday and we have decided that "it's  
all about the bones".  Basically, resurrection will regrow the flesh  
and recall the soul, but only if it has something to work with.  Given  
long time frames, even if all you have left is a pile of bones the  
spell will regrow and raise it.

HOWEVER, if parts are missing, the new body will be missing them.  if  
the bones of an arm are mostly missing (going with the 50% rule), then  
the body will be raised without that arm.  Period.  Now regrowth is  
possible (different spell).

If most of the torso bones are gone, or most of the spine, or most of  
the head (or the entire head), the body cannot be resurrected.  This  
makes any srot of Kotothi or barbarian rites of beheading and taking  
heads VERY relevant.  The enemy cannot then raise their dead, no  
matter how many priests they have.

> So yeah I see no problme in the time involved extending it.  I think  
> with a recent resurrection the Shaman took half a day to do it in my  
> game.  But it can be a combined ritual.  Just dong the resurrection  
> is one thing but the priest or whatnot should get the favor of the  
> gods.  If not then some ill effects could be seen.  So something  
> like Ceremony or longer rituals might be needed or just plain ol'  
> prayer chants.

We are using my "ritual spell" extensions.  Certain spells (primarily  
ones that violate the laws of reality in the middle world or require  
heavy contact with other worlds) have an increased ritual time, set  
for each spell so that it makes sense.  For example,  
Insubstanstability (sp?) has a ritual time of minutes...casting  
preparation takes the casting speed in minutes, not phases, though the  
actual spell casting takes phases.  This is assumed to be making the  
right signs or laying out materials to violate the material laws of  
the world.  It also removes the game-cracking ability of casing it in  
combat as a tactical spell, but still usable strategically if you have  

I think I have Resurrection ritual as Strategic turns.

> Aside from the body reduction I find there can also be advantages  
> and disadvantages.  If the god is feeling nice or bored.  Maybe the  
> risen dead suddenly sees flashes of the future or in weird wave  
> lengths?  Or if the god is bored maybe the reduction can be seen  
> with limps or ficks or plain going nuts after sometime :)
> In my world resurrectioners should be rare.  Maybe in Marentia there  
> might be 3 but likely only 2 in the nation who can do it.  Likely  
> one for th ekingdom/nobles only who is highly paid.  Another one for  
> the poor folks.  Problem with someone learnng the spell is infamy.   
> Suddenly being awoke at 3am and 4am and 5am to save my daughter or  
> wife or sam the cat..well can be tiresome.  So most tend to go  
> hermit or keep it quiet in my view.

> I'm like you with the Morgatti weapon idea.  But why should it be a  
> weapon?  It could just be simply a weapon in the eye or some certian  
> magical poison or scooping ou th ebrain and then burning it.  Not  
> much to resurrect there.  :)

In jhereg it did not need to be morganti.  Like you said, a dagger in  
the eye to somehow destroy the brain makes the body unrevivable.

> Since we are talking Jhereg though theres always fun in resurrection  
> like the Falls adventure to get the souls.  Puts a whole new aspect  
> into resurrection. :)

Or in our terms, a trip to the upper or lower world.  Lots of fun.

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