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J Hooten jhooten at binary.net
Wed Jun 18 20:38:38 CEST 2008

Damage only disrupts a spell if taken during actual spell casting.
So there is no problem casting the spell after being damaged.
Other than its likely the enemy is close and could hit you during this 
Since it has a range limit, you do need to be careful because if they 
move out of range the spell hurts you!
So as written that is very self limiting.
If the mage has taken damage from multiple sources, it can be trickier.
I would assume you need to pick which wound and thus which target you 
are going after.
I would also assume the target gets MDV since it is specific to a target 
in range

On the other hand, rewritten for precast with duration is not all that bad.
It has a low healing amount, limited by the damage done and it would be 
one shot...only the next hit
So it would be a useful spell to cast before combat, but it may not do 
more than stop a single point of damage with benefit of sending it back
Recasting during combat is unlikely since the mage should have better 
attack spells
The bypass of MDV opens up abuse versus major resistant monsters, but as 
a Karmic return damage spell that may be fair.

Albert Sales wrote:
> My understanding of it is that it's a spell that is cast after the 
> damage has been taken.  In this, it is still like any other spell that 
> is cast.  I don't blieve it qualifies as magical healing (which could 
> posibly be clarified), and the person the damage is to be transfered 
> to sets the resistance (MDV).  I find it rarely used in my games 
> because it is balance magic.  Very few of my players touch balance at 
> all; the stakes are very high.
> Both the methods listed seem viable.  I assumed you cast it after 
> since there was no listed duration.  If I were to look at it as a cast 
> before, I would actually have the "duration" be a degredation in the 
> amount it can transfer (like, 1 point per turn goes away).  However, 
> as a cast before, the MDV of the person inflicting the damage becomes 
> "not a factor".  I don't like that, personally, but it does still make 
> a bit of sense witht this being Balance Magic.
> Although, this has reminded me of another spell of questionable 
> application.  With Healing Light, could a wizard who has cast a spell 
> like an EL0 Fireball to damage a small group of enemies very lightly 
> then cast a Healing light to heal them, granted, but also incapacitate 
> them for a full turn while his reinforcements arrive?  Also, does this 
> count as magical healing for the daily limit?  Does this spell in any 
> way protect those it is healing?
> */Scott Adams <longshot at darktech.org>/* wrote:
>     Been quiet lately. So let's start up jibber jabbering again.
>     Richard, can you clarify Damage Reversal?
>     Its not one spell we've used that much in the past just few don't
>     choose it.
>     Under the rules of course if damaged you lose the mana in casting
>     a spell. Ergo how are the mechanics on this spell?
>     Cast Before hand? Cast After damage? Cast during?
>     Its written such a way could be interpreted many ways.
>     One could say that you cast with a duration. Then in that time if
>     damaged physically or through spell damage (non energy I guess)
>     then it goes back on the atacker. But if not it just fades away
>     (spell). But others could read it as cast after damage and then it
>     goes back as if the body is stored battery or something?
>     Could you clarify it?
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