[PnP] Magic Expertise gains

Paul L. Ming pming at northwestel.net
Thu Jan 24 17:14:49 CET 2008


   Because you are more likely to succeed if casting a spell at a higher 
EL. So, in casting it at your maximum EL in the spell, you have a 
greater chance of success (you subtract ELx2 in casting), *and* you get 
more MEP for doing so.

Paul L. Ming

Schnockel wrote:

> Here's the deal...say I have a BMC2 (Protection, for example) spell I 
> know at EL0.  I cast it successfully four times and gain 8 expertise 
> points.  This permits me to gain the spell at EL1.  Now, I can cast the 
> spell at EL0 for 2 mana, or I can cast it at EL1 for 4 (BMC+EL*2).  But 
> all I am trying to do is cast the spell successfully a lot...so why 
> bother with EL1?  I get the same expertise either way.  True, I get more 
> experience with the EL1 spell, but is that enough?

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