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Thu Jan 24 07:11:58 CET 2008

Hmmm...when I cast magic, my MEP gain is influenced by the EL of the spell used.  My expertise, however, is only dependent on the BMC of the spell.  In theory, I could cast my spells over an over again, cast at EL0, and improve my possible EL to, say, EL5, butr have never cast the spell above EL0.  It just seems funny to me.

IT's kinda like a task you do at work...you learn more from the complex tasks than you do from the simple, mundane ones.

I was thinking that the expertise gain (not experience...it's OK) be limited to only 1 point if the spell is not cast at your current maximum EL.  If cast at your max EL, then you get the BMC*2 expertise points.  Or even take (EL cast divided by Max EL capable)*BMC*2 with a minimum of 1 point if casting at EL0, and if max EL is 0, then get the full BMC*2

Here's the deal...say I have a BMC2 (Protection, for example) spell I know at EL0.  I cast it successfully four times and gain 8 expertise points.  This permits me to gain the spell at EL1.  Now, I can cast the spell at EL0 for 2 mana, or I can cast it at EL1 for 4 (BMC+EL*2).  But all I am trying to do is cast the spell successfully a lot...so why bother with EL1?  I get the same expertise either way.  True, I get more experience with the EL1 spell, but is that enough?

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