[PnP] Perm Magics...how...?

Scott Adams longshot at darktech.org
Mon Jan 21 04:44:00 CET 2008

At 05:00 PM 1/20/08, you wrote:
>How does a magic user create items with 'Attraction' or 'Attribute Effect's...heck, or even 'Luck'?
>I don't know which Perm Magic would be used for such things...I would presume attraction is similar to dedication...so it might as well be that easy.  I can't really see Luck being created only by players with the luck spell, because then the EL of the spell might be different than the EL of the item.  I can't find anywhere that mentions modifiers to attributes for permanent magics...and that's the one I'm most interested in.
>Any suggestions...ideas...

Alex answered much of this.  But a crash course.

Curse/Ban is pretty easy to understand.  Allows one to cast a curse on a person or thing.  This spell is second least of the PMs used.  Many folks tend to forget that items can be cursed as well.  Pick up a magical glove put it on.  Opps..it can't be removed..darn!  It can be argued that a Geas or "area" effect of this spell variant could be used.  Need to curse a cemetary?  How about ban trolls from entering a barn?  in theory it could be used with tweaking of the spell.

Enhancement is for natural magic items like herbs needing to make from unenhanced to well enhanced.  Pretty obvious.  
While that is basically the spell one could argue it could be used to enhane properties of things.  Would have to be tweaked and argued over witht he Ref.  One might argue magical silk that has faded from sun could be 'enhanced' to look shiny. :) Stuff like that.  But a rare use of the spell.

Enchantments add effects to made items.  Weapons, Armor, Shields, The attribute increase is for properties like Size, Weight, roughness, etc.  

Dedicated isn't used much but is for killing that super bad guy by needing the Light Sword or Troll Slayer sword.  Items of special effect to a certain force or thing.  

Ensorcel are to put spells on things.  To me you need to know the spell to cast it onto the object.  So for luck items you'd need to ensorcel the item and then cast luck.  Both must work for the item to be ensorceld.  

Ward pacts are placed on areas or objects same thing as Ensorcel basically but tend to be used for protections or offensive use (fire ball in castle doors or energy shield on that same door).  

Attraction would depend on if your use.  Let's say you want to attract Trolls.  I could argue a Curse could be planted on it to call trolls when the item is picked up.  A variation of a Summoning Ensorcelment could be done to attract as well creatures.  This is where the Ref has to determine his rules.

The problem I have with PM is when an object is Always on or Per use (usually by EL) for limited # of times per day.

A MU could create a darth vader suit and ensorcel it with energy shiedl and EL10 death powers to be Always On.  Nope. I personally would hate that. :)  Way powerful.  So I'd restrict it tot per use per day.  But something like a Always On Balance spell to give some sick old man who can't walk boots to walk good is fair and see no power in that.  So would allow it.  I do it case by case.  The problem with Always On items is once the cat is out the bad guys have the same power to do it as well so it can backfire :)

Alot is up to Ref.  Attraction could be Enchantment or a variant of Ensorcel.  Just depends on how they see the spell.

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