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I am playing in LongShot's PBEM currently but could do another.
Any details as to type of game, any special rules, which rule set 
version, world views or other important things that may effect character 

PnP is an oddity at times, the NPC magic item generator implies few 
magic items in a game where magic is easily made.
One of my favorite features of PnP is low level mages can make useful items.
Natural Magic materials can be even easier to make nice items from, but 
they can easily be broken during enhancement.
Of course that is also where rarity factors come in.
If they are too rare you cant risk low level enhancement.

And of course 'virgin' material limits have problems for regular items.
Literal interpretations would require the mage to mine the material, 
smelt it etc, before using any metal and similar for gems.
And could even mean material from Animal or Plants could never be 
touched by another person before used.
Note: Natural Magics do not have the 'Virgin' requirement as it is not 
required by Enhancement, just Enchantment and Ensorcellment.

When I have GMed I required use of Purify to remove any 'residue' from 
others handling as a means to clean up materials for use.
It makes more sense than a literal 'virgin' material but that does 
effect magic rarity.
Many GMs allow purchase of metals and gems for magic item use, but 
technically thats all house rules.

I mention this because I as a player do tend to play mages or priests 
quite often and as such would want to know how making magic is limited.

I suppose I should also ask what method of character generation you wish 
Do you roll or we roll?
Do you want a online dice roller or other software that tracks rolls?
I know those exist out there somewhere.

Lev Lafayette wrote:
> Hi, I'm Lev and I'm delurking.
> Many years ago (like over twenty years ago) I saw and read Powers &
> Perils. I thought it was unwieldy and badly written. 
> The website hosted here brought me back about 18 months ago to
> reconsider the game. I now have the main boxed set, the Book of Tables
> and Perilous Lands.
> It still strikes me as unwieldy and badly written but I also think it
> has some pretty camp art as well :-)
> All this said however, I have a certain fascination for the game. I'd
> like to run a PBeM using PnP.
> I guess this might be the right place to ask for potential players?
> Who would be interested in playing such a game? I would plan to run it
> over a period of roughly twelve months with one major post per week and
> minor posts every couple of days depending on requirements. I would be
> using the Perilous Lands supplement (yes, all of it).
> I need a minimum of four interested individuals who can participate
> consistently. I should point out that my campaigns, both face to face
> and PBeM actually run their full course, so you won't be wasting your
> time designing characters.
> All the best,
> Lev
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