Lev Lafayette lev at levlafayette.com
Sun Apr 27 02:02:24 CEST 2008

Hi, I'm Lev and I'm delurking.

Many years ago (like over twenty years ago) I saw and read Powers &
Perils. I thought it was unwieldy and badly written. 

The website hosted here brought me back about 18 months ago to
reconsider the game. I now have the main boxed set, the Book of Tables
and Perilous Lands.

It still strikes me as unwieldy and badly written but I also think it
has some pretty camp art as well :-)

All this said however, I have a certain fascination for the game. I'd
like to run a PBeM using PnP.

I guess this might be the right place to ask for potential players?

Who would be interested in playing such a game? I would plan to run it
over a period of roughly twelve months with one major post per week and
minor posts every couple of days depending on requirements. I would be
using the Perilous Lands supplement (yes, all of it).

I need a minimum of four interested individuals who can participate
consistently. I should point out that my campaigns, both face to face
and PBeM actually run their full course, so you won't be wasting your
time designing characters.

All the best,


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