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Insub within Insub?

Personally, I would not allow it...I can't think of any spells that  
stack like that.

On Jul 5, 2007, at 9:54 PM, Scott Adams wrote:

> At 10:33 PM 7/4/07, you wrote:
>> We have always played that levitate is required to move (no traction
>> otherwise).
> Same here.  Though for newbies to the system I did allow free  
> movement.  Then got restrictive on the rules later on.  Though at  
> times I can have gravity take some form of effect though no mass no  
> gravity in theory.  But it is fun to add in.  For example your  
> Insub and levitate runs out your still moving by sheer coasting for  
> another phase.  Depending on how you move angle wise you could end  
> up in the ground if a steep angle.  That's always fun.
>> Insub is always a pain to deal with since it allows the characters to
>> bypass normal barriers that would otherwise slow them down or make
>> them change tactics.  A stone castle wall would take time, or at
>> least the noise of chipping away at it would alert sentries.
> Ok.  That's very easy to handle.  But seeing as my players are  
> likely reading this I better not comment here.  But I've come up  
> with ways some very obvious solutions.  Remember.  I like Balance.   
> So this spell has a balance factor as well.  email me if you want  
> some suggestions.
> Energy Web I made the spell just for such a case of Insub folks :)
>> It's one of those spells that is almost too cheap for the power it
>> grants.
> Yep.
> But what about the main Question.  Casting Insub within Insub?
> Contact required?  Or can you do ghostly contact?
> Would like to see how Richard thought of this as the loop hole of  
> being able to cast Insub from Insub is there.
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